New FW Rules?


Yesterday I had to reinstall the OS on my machine and today installed CIS.
When going to Network Security Policy I was surprised by something.
Before, applications like Firefox, Utorrent, Flash… would have only one or two of basic rules like “allow TCP out any/any” and I would tweak things manually.
Now I find a larger amount of rules with specific ports predefined.

Could someone shed some light?


[attachment deleted by admin]

I decided to start a torrent download to see how the FW would react and I got this (snapshot).
Now I’m a bit worried.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The rule is a custom rule so I think you must have gotten various alerts about traffic for uTorrent. Also you may have set Alert Settings to a higher value than on you previous installation?

It is better to make one rule set rather than going totally manual. You might be interested in these tutorials about configuring uTorrent:;msg500592#msg500592;msg230413#msg230413

You’ve hit the nail in the head Eric, my Alert Settings were set to high (by some sillly mistake).
After changing them back to low things went back to normal.

Thanks for the answer and the links.