New Free Antivirus (also included in Virus total)

New Free Antivirus Without Signature Works only On Heuristic Detection Engine And I think Can be a Companion to CIS Or to Clean Infected Computers

Virus Total Link

About the Antivirus

Download link

Hope You All like it

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Any known tests on that piece of software?
There site shows nothing on certifications and ratings.

Look at this picture of that thingamajig.

Quack scan uses Quack-quack heuristics of this Quack-quack-quack quackish av.

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Actually i dont like the software itself but i cant understand how the hell it landed up in virustotal antivirus list

You can call me blind but I don’t see this av there.

Check these updated links


What’s the actual name of the product? I’m not seeing the name Bytehero or System Defense on those VT links… (I’m assuming that is why you posted the links?)

I don’t know why but for some reasons the antivirus named (ByteHero) is only shown when a file is scanned recently and does not show when checked again through link
Hence screenshots attached
Try uploading new file to virustotal if u don’t believe the screenshot

thanks hope this helps

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Yeah, really:

The first time the page had this thingamajig (as in the attached picture) then the line with ByteHero vanishes when you press the link above.

Why? ???

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This may be due to some bug or coding error in virustotal

That sounds bad for this thingamajig.