New Forum - New Order

I have chosen this thread for the ‘develop next’ part. I am battling with the forum for <2 weeks now (who said struggling?).

Board Organization:

I would like some deep cleaning and a re-organization! why make 10 threads to CSI only? it is way too many. Especially when some threads are only shortcuts to other threads. 3 or 4 maximum should suffice.


Each thread with sub-threads: FAQ/GUIDES/HELP. Or something like that.

Topic of Interest:

The better information I found regarding the firewall was in the firewall archive. The attempts to make FAQ’s are nice, and I understand it is the work of volunteers, but why not 1 FAQ by topic, and to update it on a regular basis, e.g. Firewall basic - what s a rule and how to read it, Firewall intermediate - how to make your settings, etc.

Board software:

I would like to have all my posts on 1 line (ev. 2-3 lines) - User Profile.
Why do I have ‘Join our forum in permanence’ when I am already member?
The default fonts are too large, too much bold, too much distraction. If you zoom out, all the page diminish.

Overall feeling: this board does not provide the same usability as most of the other dedicated board software I use.

I concur with this. I think, overall, the board has overgrown and needs to be trimmed down. Also, maybe a seperate area could be created for the flaming “cage” matches that have recently flared up. I think new Comodo users may be put off by all the (in) fighting in certain posts (especially those posters who, so cleverly, attempt to hide profanity by inserting characters into the cuss words).