New Firewall Rule

I need some assistance on how to set up a new Firewall rule please. I have a wireless printer that when I scan a document it sends the document over the network to a predesignated folder on my PC after I have typed in the PC credentials. Since installing the firewall the printer states the path is not available. If I disable the firewall, the printer sends the document without a problem. I poked around the internet but could not find any examples to draw from. All other printer functions work fine with the firewall on. Thank you in advance.

I’m pretty sure you need to open a port so that the printer can connect to your computer to save the scanned document, what port that is I don’t know you could look at the printer manual or the support site for that particular printer to see if it has any information. Or you can add a block rule with logging to see what gets blocked when you attempt to save a scanned document, so what does your global rules look like could you provide a screenshot?

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I was able to get addresses and ports by looking at the network intrusion log, where do I go from here to create the rule? I looked at new application rule that didn’t seem to allow the entry of ports, etc. Here is a snapshot of my global rules.

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you know the destination port then all you need to do is from the global rule section right-click anywhere inside the global rule and click add, then on that window you create a rule as follows: Action=Allow Protocol=TCP or UDP (depending on what protocol it uses you can choose just tcp or just udp but you can also choose both) Direction=In Source Address=Any Destination Address=Any Source Port=Any Destination Port= Type=Single Port= whatever port you found that the printer uses. Click okay and make sure that rule is at the top. Then when you scan a document and save it to you computer, you should get a firewall alert for allowing an incoming connection for the application the printer communicates with to save the document, click allow with remember my answer checked.

futuretech, Thank you so much for your help on this! It’s perfect!! :-TU