new firewall installation went fine, but one tactical suggestion

Just downloaded and installed final release of CFP 3. Everything went great. Much smoother than previous beta and rc versions. One suggestion. Most of the users of this forum have been using and are familiar with the way CFP 3 installs. I noticed during the download/install process I did not notice the “Installation help” until I had already installed the software. It did not affect me, but it might affect a new user. Maybe make the Install help a little more prominent on the Comodo mainpage?
Otherwise, great job!!


I should add that when I did find the Install instructions in the Help file (after installation) I found them to be A-One excellent! Easy to read–step by step–with lots of screenshots. Also, good information on how to decipher the Firewall and Defense+ popups (when they occur, I haven’t seen very many of these at all compared to earlier betas). I plan to make a copy of the install instructions, and furnish these to new users before they install.

Great work Comodo!! I bet there are a lot of jealous companies out in ComputerWorld. (Ah, too bad!!)

When the dust settles Melih needs to buy the staff some ■■■■!

(:CLP) :■■■■