New Firewall Install, Internet Slowed To A Crawl


My first post here, brand new to Comodo. I installed Comodo Firewall 2 days ago, and for reasons I can’t get a handle on my internet connection has slowed to a crawl. I was hoping I could get some ideas here on where and how to troubleshoot the situation.

I’m on a Dell Dimension computer, using Win XP SP3. I use Eset as an antivirus.

I’m using the Comodo FW in Safe Mode, with Defense also in “Safe”. I started with enabling the sandbox feature, tried disabling as well, but neither setting appeared to change the problem. I’m also currently set up with “Firewall Security” as a configuration, but also tried “Proactive Defense”; neither changed the concern with my internet connectivity.

At the moment I suspect this may have something to do with interaction with ESET, and certainly one of my questions is if there is some way to control loopback interface with Comodo-- I was previously using Online Armor, which did have a setting for using a loopback interface, but I’m not locating anything similar in Comodo.

Anyway, I’m sure some of you will have some additional questions for me, since I’m not even yet certain what information would be helpful to you in these circumstances. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I would much prefer to get Comodo in working order rather than uninstall it. Right now my internet speeds are roughly 1/4 or less of what they were prior to installing Comodo Firewall.


Hello reebop88;

Sorry for the late Reply,

Do you have any other firewall software installed? Also, Is it just an individual app that cannot run at full bandwidth or is it over all system? What is Your OS btw?

I think it has to do with choosing Comodo Secure DNS, do you remember if you explicitly disabled this feature during install?

See this page for more info.