New Firewall 5 using 85.06MB

I had Comodo 3 which was 59.67MB. I installed version 5 which is taking up 85.06MB. What is the need for more MB?

Also, I read a post which said that v3 should be uninstalled before installing v5. I did not uninstall v3 before installing v5 and it installed without any problems.

Further to my previous post, the news release said it is 48MB. I would like to hear from others who installed V5 as to what MB their add/remove programs said.

Version 3 did not have the sandbox. I don’t know if that accounts for all of the additional disk space, but surely it accounts for a largish portion of that.

Why the installation said 48MB when the add/remove programs says 85.06MB? This is almost double the disk space.

It’s a very common occurrence for installed applications to take up more disk space than the installer. Generally installers contain compressed archives that are expanded upon installation.

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when you install comodo firewall you aren’t only installing the firewall; you install for instance cloud-based AV and sandbox. 86Mb is not much and quite small, at least if you ask me.


Technology takes up space, Memory usage is more important than storage space. To make products more secure, easier on memory and CPU they sometimes tend to be a bit larger in size. Kind regards.
P.S. Regarding removing old versions first, that doesn’t seem to affect all systems, if all is working properly I would leave it be.

Thanks for your replies