New feedback to CIS: let CIS detect and block system restart

10 minutes ago, i tested CIS against trojan ransoms. the cloud av detected only one trojan ransom. for all other trojan ransoms it treated them as unrecognised and partially limited them.

in my system, threatfire is also there to help CIS. so threatfire successfully blocked all the threats which CIS only partially limited. threatfire killed and quarantined all those trojan ransoms.

But, for one trojan ransom, CIS treated it also as unrecognised and partially limited and a small window came on desktop, it tells me that system will shutdown/restart and countdown also started, threatfire didn’t blocked and CIS also.

Finally, my feedback is, please add a rule, the rule is unrecognised and partially limited files has no right to shutdown or restart the system. if this control is there in CIS, that trojan ransome will be blocked.

Eventhough it restarted my system, no trojan or malware is active on the system but restarting is kink of not comfortable.

i searched for this trojan ransom which restarted the system and found this site, if u want to know about it go to:

It has been asked for in the past. Back then egemen’s point of view was that it is not a security risk and would therefor not implement it.

Implementing it may bring some security enhancement but that is only in the situation where the user would leave the computer running until a scanner is able to find the ransomware.

Moving to Wishlist - CIS board and adapted the title to be more informative.

Thank u for the reply and the title is also apt.