New features(suggestions...)

please add the following features to CIS for improved protection and comfort:

  1. web filter or ip blocker to block dangerous websites like in avast, vipre, bitdefender, malwarebytes…

  2. provide web blocker option to manually add some websites to block by CIS.

  3. add trojan Ransom / LockEmAll behaviour to heuristics because when cis failed to detect them, lockemall will cover entire desktop and i can’t do anything, i got this problem when testing CIS. If this behaviour is already there but in medium or another level, please shift it to low heuristics level.

  4. provide different animations to tray icon when updating virus database and program updates, instead of message.

  5. new or latest threats behavious is changing, so update heuristics, its very important.

  6. CIS is downloading virus updates fast but installing them is like crawling. i mean very slow. please solve this problem.

These r the improvement i want to see in CIS or other products, if possible please add them in future releases.

how many time virus database updates r release per day? please reply.

Tell me more about cloud scanning. please reply.

sorry for any bad english. i’m new to this language.

  1. Have you tried comodo DNS? You have the option to use it while installing CIS from scratch.
  2. Sounds like a good idea but it’s more of a job for comodo DNS in my opinion.
  3. I don’t think that’s how heuristics work but you must be asking for these viruses to be added to the signature updates. You’ll just have to wait and see in that case. Also, there was a bit of a discussion about preventing programs from covering the entire screen. This is a link to the thread: Link. I think all the defense+ and firewall alerts should be able to appear on top of any running program unless game mode is enabled.
  4. I would like this to be optional. I don’t need any notifications for signature updates since I have the auto-update enabled in real-time scanning. As for program updates, I prefer the balloon popup since it’s easier to notice and it isn’t annoying since program updates are so infrequent.
  5. Again, I don’t think that’s how heuristics work but someone else should try explaining it instead of me. I don’t want to give you false information.
  6. Are you using CIS 5.5 or 5.8? The 5.8 beta has a reduced database size so downloads are much smaller and can be finished sooner. I’ve tried the beta and it can install updates faster than before. The last 10% at the finalizing stage goes pretty quick.

You can always restart PC. >:-D

avast 6 free has the feature to block manually any website.

when u download a file with two extensions then heuristics pop up. so its behavior based. so i asked.

You can block websites with CIS. Go to Firewall → Network Security Policy → Blocked Zones, then click Add → A New Blocked Address.

The AV will check for database updates as often as every 30 minutes. This does not mean that a database update is released that frequently. There are generally several updates a day.

thanks for the clarification.