New Features for AVG

New Features for AVG

I highly dislike extra add on Toolbars and noitce that Do Not Track ONLY works IF you install the Toolbar.

but the tracking ad blocker called AVG Do-Not-Track is the big one. Only available when you agree to install AVG's optional toolbar,


Forget AVG’s toolbar, personally
I think blocking ads is the browsers job, not an anti-virus software

For firefox and chrome(and it’s varients)
Use adblock plus
For firefox:

For chrome(and it’s varients)

Use this site to pick which catagory of ads you want to block, if you have a hard time finding the list

For Internet explorer, use “simple adblock” It even works with IE 10

I dont know where the list to choose from for Internet explorer, but just use this one


I’m a no-toolbar guy… AVG always goes this way (safe search, scanner link…).

Same here. No toolbar, hate them.