New feature suggestion : Block + Terminate instantly


When a suspitious alert is coming like 222.exe try to modify some items or try to do anything else, we choose BLOCK but this doesn’t terminate the process.
It would be wise to offer an option to BLOCK AND TERMINATE IT immediatly.

I know we can do that by going to Defense+ feature and to view the actives process, but it would be faster and wise if you could allow this option on the popup window.

Oh and while you’re reading this : Could we expect in the future to have “Disinfection” option from the Antivirus ?


:-TU Totally agree.

Problem: it could still corrupt the file; or it would only be partially disinfected. In the latter case, it could also convince the user that all was right now, and CIS wouldn’t identify it as infected.

Agree! This was already suggested here

I hope COMODO listen us!

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Hey PegHorse, You get that because your not in the Usability Study Group.

The link provided by Joker is a link to the Usability forum. Special forum priviledges are required to access the usability forum, so those without the required priviledges will get the error stating “The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.”

I think the discussion in the general forum was buried among a deluge of old posts (which is one reason why the usability forum exists: it allows mods to summarize ideas so they do not get lost among the sea of posts in the general forum). Several ways of implementing your idea were discussed in the usability forum. An example is posted in the pic below.
Your idea is a good one. Thanks for the input…Your suggestion reinforces the need for this feature.
I hope Comodo adds it to the next version of CIS.

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This picture is great, that’s exactly what we need :slight_smile:

That’s it!

Personally, I prefer this one:

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Yes Joker so do i, this picture is great :smiley: :-TU

Mine :a0


Yep, a bunch of great sample pics were posted that showed different ways of implementing this feature (including Laserwraith’s masterpieces ;D).

I am sure Comodo will find a way to include this feature in CIS 4. :-TU

Given that the recent CIS fails with particular spyware tests I agree and support “block and terminate” instantly feature. In fact it should be available on standard install for newbs when D+ does not recognise in its own database or PC baseline apps a new exe.