New feature request

Is it possible to submit a new feature request for CIS - Firewall?

Currently the pop-up will show you which program asks permission with the name of the .exe (like WINWORD.EXE) in the application field. Is it possible to also add the directory to that?

Currently I always will click on the name of the .exe to see from which directory it was launched to check if I know the application and if I trust the location it was launched from. This means extra clicks which could be reduced by showing the name of the directory on the pop-up.

Also, as a side benefit it would show mallware that calls its exe WINWORD.EXE but launches from T:/Mallware!

Please support me in this. Thanks in advance

Hi Iqut,
Please kindly fill in a wish report Comodo Forum for this request so that we will process under this topic Comodo Forum.

Kind Regards,