New Feature Request

I’ve been having some struggles with Comodo this morning, and I’d like to request a few things.

  • Process names that mean something. When I do Ctrl-Alt-Delete so I can lower the priority on a process, like a virus scan that’s become necessary but is eating my CPU cycles, I need to be able to identify it. There’s no reason a virus scan can’t be called scan.exe or somesuch, to distinguish it from the other Comodo processes.
    When I click minimize, the window should minimize. This is not new. Minimizing should occur to either the system tray or the notification area, not the lower left corner of the screen.
    When I click Maximize, the window should Maximize, not pop up a list of options including “Restore.” The Maximize button is clear, and used a certain way by the entire sentient universe, and when we click it, we do in fact mean “restore,” so how about going ahead and restoring, eh?
    The box that asks me whether to “treat this as…” should include a “virus” option, as in, “treat this application as a virus, because what I thought was a safe file, and Comodo failed to find a virus in when I scanned it, is going down the list of running processes and trying to access them one at a time, so it’s obviously not something I want to continue to allow running, so would you please just kill it, since it doesn’t show in the process list when I control alt delete? Thank you very much.”
    Last but not least, when, for some reason, the antivirus becomes disabled for any reason other than a user turning it off, a very large, very loud warning window should be put up on screen. I worked for three hours this morning, on the web, with my ■■■■ bare, because I didn’t notice a very very tiny little red circle with a line through it over my comodo icon.

The last item you mention sounds scary, I thought Comodo had made this software so It can’t get shut down out of the blue. And yes if so there must be a irritating warning that it’s off and if you want to turn it on. Better it should correct itself and the warning should be, AV was turned off by unknown sorce, AV is now on and running a scan in the background and is self-checking it’s integrity.

Windows security center didn’t alert you?

They do mean something. For example, I can clearly see that the helper service is called cmdagent.exe, and it runs the helper service. I can also see that the GUI is labled CPF.exe. The scanner is labled as cavscan.exe. They all have icons, and are signed by Comodo Security Solutions.

See here

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