New False Positive

Found a new false positive. The program is a trainer for a pc game, Fable: the lost chapters. Tried several different versions, all of which were picked up for the same reason. Apparently has something to do with how the program uses hotkeys. Would appreciate it if you could fix this somehow. Sending an image of the report.

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If it’s a trainer, I don’t believe this is a false positive, but the application would instead fall under the ‘potentially unwanted’ umbrella.

Trainers do tend to mimic malware behavior, such as accessing/modifying an open applications processes in memory.

Have you added this application to your exclusions and trusted files list?

I’m not given the chance to. The moment I export the .exe from the .rar file, Comodo activates, says that it’s stopped a Trojan, identifies and quarantines the file. I don’t have a basis to put it into my trusted files, because they remove the file automatically. Since adding a trusted file requires me to browse and select it physically, rather than entering the name, I can’t put it in. At least, that’s how far my knowledge on it goes.

Sounds like you have the option Do not show antivirus alerts enabled.

Disable this option (Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning) and you will be shown an alert which lets you decide what to do with the file. You can choose to ignore the detection and move the file to where you want it to exist. Then you can exclude it in its respective directory.

Ah, thanks for the help, even though this was in the wrong section. You have my gratitude.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this post to the AV Help forum.

Hi Koskiloskaz,

Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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