New Errror - Size of IV is larger than text to decrypt

Using Version

Ex, - but works fine.

The link presented was just - which also works just fine in IE.

Still not a single response to this issue?

Using Version and the problem still exists. Can no longer use the www prefix as it just auto-redirects to

Again, it works just fine in IE.

Why do we STILL have no responses on this??? Version

Hi DeathStalker77,
Either or both work as expected here, sorry if I am missing something?
Try clearing your cookies etc.

Kind regards.

Well, I cleared the specific cookies for that site and it appears to have cleared it up.

Still doesn’t explain the error though.

Hi DeathStalker77,
I guess a short answer is the cookie had some form of corruption for some unknown reason.
Sorry I don’t know the reason.

Kind regards.