new entry in few functions in cis

in my trusted software vendors lists a new entry is there i.e auslogics. is it by default?? first it was not there now it is. i tried auslogics registry cleaner few days back but while installing i chose installer and updater but didn’t checked the remember option so i dont think this way auslogics can get added in my trusted software vendors lists. i haven’t added it too.

under defence plus - advanced - image execution control settings - files to check first there were exe and bat now *.com is also there, is it by default?? i haven’t added it.

lastly, in my own safe files there is a entry related to nokia. first it wasn’t there and i haven’t added it too, is it too by default??


The entries under ‘Files to Check’ are default. For added security you may wish to add File Groups->Executables.
Trusted Vendors list. Auslogics is placed there when you installed the latest update. The selection was made by users on this forum.
There is a discussion about this you may wish to partake in:

I really wish Comodo would stop putting vendors in there…

Trusting an application is one thing, but trusting a vendor?? I think Comodo should stay away from sweeping blanket statements such as this.