New engine update database?

Hi, question to the developers, any plans to change the engine updates to base was not such a huge and does not take much memory during the upgrade, I certainly understand what you have there computer with the latest technology, but you think about the users? :-\

P.S.: Аccording to the information on the website “System Requirements: Windows XP S2 and higher 152 MB RAM / 400 MB hard disk space”, but when you update the antivirus consumes up to 500 MB RAM or system requirements are outdated, or have someone lie!

P.S.S.: By the way, is very good mechanism for updating Avira Antivirus, can come up with something like that?

There will be an update of CIS with av performance improvements. As far as I know there isn’t a new and improved database format.

Most, if not all, of the work to make the database size smaller is on Comodo’s infrastructure side by producing more and more efficient generic signatures.

Why dont they go for some optimal/smart local databases & full databases in the cloud?

Similarly, would be better if webshield databases are in the cloud & not locally?

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your feedbacks and recommendations.

Please kindly note that we are working on our in house AV engine and we will get much better performance with the next release.

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This new engine will be introduced as beta or directly in CIS update?

Or have choice. I’d rather have a local database.

Thanks for the answers, I am glad that the developers are working on that has lasted more than three versions of anti-virus, but apparently not so simple as it seems at first glance. I will not lock the topic, it’s possible other users are interested in this issue, and they will be able to ask it here in order not to create unnecessary topics. :slight_smile:

Hi, please tell me, whether changes in older versions of the engine for example 5.12 or only 8 and higher?

The changes will only be in v8. All versions before v8 are no longer developed.

Do I understand correctly, virus database will remain unchanged, the new engine is designed to work with it?

The virus database format does not change.

People using v5.12 should not worry that the av database can no longer be used. Even if the database format would change Comodo would still support it a long time. As Where can i download the latest full AV database? shows Comodo still provides the av database for people using v4.x.

Hi, thank you, I understand.

Question resolved antivirus updates to version 8.2.0 will solve this problem. Locked.