New Emsisoft Comparative Test CIS v3.8 included

Hi Guys

Emsisoft the maker of A-squared has just published a new comparative test. I would like to report that CIS has beaten Vipre as well as AVG. Next stop will be to step over NOD32, which will not be too difficult since only .5 percent in detection separate NOD32 from CIS.

Keep it up Comodo.

P.S. It is quite interesting that Emsisoft tested their own product and then declare itself the winner ;D. However, it is good to know that CIS is making progress. Two down (Vipre and AVG) and several to go.





But they do write

Note This test was an Emsi Software internal comparison and does not represent an objective assessment of the detection performance of a-squared Anti-Malware. It stands to reason that our own in-house product will produce the best detection rate against our own Malware samples. After an in-depth analysis some files were rated as harmless in the meantime. That's why a-squared Anti-Malware did not reach 100%.

Comodo still “Better” than some “Paid” product so far. :wink:

It is beside the point, to me. My bottom line is that CIS is making progress. I already know that any test conducted by any organization their own products will end up being the winner. Bottom line CIS is making progress.


what signatures did they use in comodo, be cause in the last 10 days there have been over 1 million signatures added.

It says in the test. :wink:

To ensure a fair comparison, all test candidates were updated on April 26, 2009, between 8 PM and 9 PM GMT.

The only thing that could be fishy is that they picked samples that a-squared would do really well with but others might have some trouble.

Avira seems very consistent always. Quite unbelievable.

We need AMTSO Compliant tests!


I agree with you. Nonetheless, it is quite a good news to me that CIS has beaten VIPRE as well as AVG. Don’t you think? :wink:

Peace. :a0

not bad, not bad at all

Please notice that the malware samples of this test are collected by A2 from current month:

At this testing time the oldest Malware samples were already 26 days old and the newest samples were 11 days old.

It mean: the oldest malware collected is April 1st, and the newest one collected is April 15th, 2009.
Total malware sample:

consisting of a total of 39,332 dangerous files

For a young AV,COMODO CIS, in the market, this performance shown it is good.

Melih, did the CIS team get all the samples that were not detected? They have the sample list on that page, so maybe you can go there and get all the samples not detected and add them to the sigs so we are all protected against those 30 some odd thousand samples?

A2 is a great scanner, Ive used it on demand but I don’t think it have a 99,9% detection against new threats, 88) I doubt they got that vs older threats even. :-\ But its their test, and I guess you can always find samples that makes you stand out from the competition. And if its them who collect them over time as they did here, then they can unfairly add them as signatures prior to testing.


anyone following the war going on over at w1ld3rs over these results. ;D

mb2m vs s2s… its freaking hilarious. bigger grin. I feel sorry for mike n1sh. its all rabble rousing.

w1ld3rs has “Members: 91,362, Active Members: 17,982”. so few yet so loud.

to melih, i dont know/care what atmso etc is but most people just google “best free anti virus” best free anti virus - Google Search (avira followed by avast)

then google “antivirus test” to check where their selection is (from amongst the eicar/ av-test/av-comparatives websites) and download it asap. I know lots of people that got avast like this. :smiley:

I would suggest that by v4.0, you get off your high horse and get onto these test pages by submitting CIS. I am sure that, by that time CAV will be (easily) in the top 5. Before that, stop bad mouthing them because in the end you’ll have to get onto one of them if you are to be taken seriously (remember matousec).

This is just a suggestion not an attack. I love the work you are doing. Its great stuff.

??? What puzzles me is how the detection rate is so low in comparison to other recent and my own tests. On samples When they are older, it seems Comodos detection rate is around 96% and that recent test( posted in this forum) was before 1million new defs were added. When its new samples Some vendors, Comodo included drop somewhat. Do some vendors have a more efficient way of adding new defs to the data base more quickly do you think?. I have to get this one in too. Its been 2 days since any new Sigs have beenn added,why?This kind of delay is potentially/ partially the cause of lower detection rates, and uncalled for infections due to the delay. I imagine there has been an issue at Comodos end, but no explanation as yet forthcoming?.


With good heuristics and the current signature state Comodo would have scored very well I think.

And it’s not too bad to be as good as NOD32 and better as AVG and Vipre.

Good start for CIS. :slight_smile: