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Am not sure where to ask this question, but why does the new, available CIS show July 7 as it’s release date, and today is July 2?

Also today the firewall notified me that “a new update is available”. And in my past experience, the updates don’t work quite right, and then it comes down to uninstall and then reinstall the new. That’s ok with me, am very happy to have Comodo.

What is the mystery about the release date? :THNK

The date is American format 7/3/2009 7 being the month.

Personally I never update anything, but the choice is always yours.

Then why is it like this on the page?

Version 3.10.101801.529 : 7th July, 2009

Sorry, I haven’t seen that, where are you looking?

Edit : Ah! I see, it’s probably just a typo, unless that’s some sort of official date…

On the download page, under Release Notes:

And in the Release Notes: