New DNS how to enable


i install last build 510.XXX and didint install the dns server feature .
can it be re enabled after that?


Yep. Enable on XP and Vista.

OK, let’s just say I want to reverse it, how do I do it?

Open the properties of your network adapter, select Networking/TCP/IPv4/Properties
Remove the Preferred and Alternate DNS servers and check the radio button to obtain automatically.

OK, thanks, just good to know how to do it when things goes wrong…

10x for the help all , i found it in the cis help file :smiley:

Just finished a sticky after seeing this thread:;msg304510#msg304510

Thanks guys. I’ll close this.


Good job Josh. Might be worth adding Windows 7 instructions, that is, if they differ from those for Vista. (I’ve Never used Vista…)