New development in Virus Total

Greeting all,

Not sure if that was already posted … but have a look

No “deep” research done yet though


I like that… Especially the scanning links section. I have been wanting an add-on to scan links/downloads. I’m going to download it now! :slight_smile:

Hi ITTechGeek ,

Despite VT project is new and implemented a bit differently.
I am not sure why you were waiting :wink: Dr.Web had such add-on for a long time
as well as Finjan.

respectively: Dr.Web ; Finjan

When using Dr.Web the link/page is scanned only on-demand (right-click)
Finjan does that in real time, therefore can be a bit slow before giving results
Sure many are using WOT, but that is just a community based ratings - not scanning the code as previous two

Than as on-demand scan you can use Comodo’s own service - Site Inspector (checking the code as well as far as I understand)

or McAfee ; Norton Safe Web ; etc.

I believe you know that FPs are inevitable anyway and can be produced by all those services


Thanks SiberLynx,

Checking it out.


Thanks for reply, Bad Frogger

As you know I am not a big fan of any Toolbar, but I may use this one (if it works :wink: )

At the same time, the additions to the standard dialogue as following could be helpful:
I cut the “roof” from this one, because nobody should know the thing

I was downloading - it was Bad! ;D


What about chrome

Hi darthfirefox ,
What about Chrome? ;D

They will probably do the add-on in the future, but since I cannot care less l about Chrome at all & not going to use it … that’s fine with me :wink:

You may consider joining VT community & ask in their forum


Well well well,

Just a follow up thanks.

This has got to be one of the Baddest Fox add-on’s ever. O0
I mean that in the best possible way.

Even with the toolbar(dirty word) hidden, what this adds in terms of what you have shown,
and in contextual menus is just great.
With the toolbar showing the search for results by hash is very fast, and saves navigating,
searching, uploading and waiting.

My Fox is now like a steroid raging, virus busting beast, with the power of all of Virus Total’s
AV scanners at the ready.

A new break through… hardly.
A super convenient, handy, time saver and AV power tool. :-TU :-TU


+1 I’m on it also… Very convenient. Thanks to Virus Total developers.

I’m glad you liked it , Guys

“…the Baddest Fox add-on’s ever…” for the Best Frog[ger] 88)

confused by terminology … something is wrong here ;D


Thanks for the info SiberLynx :■■■■

You are welcome , jay2007tech
Have one as well ! :■■■■ ;D