new computer

I didn’t find an answer to this question.
I would like to buy Comodo but I first have to know this: If I buy a new laptop within the year, can I just transfer the licence? or will I have to buy a new one?
Please reply asap

in the meantime I have no antivirus so can someone please answer asap?
I will definitely buy a new computer in the coming 3 months.

I am not from COMODO, so I can not answer your question straight.

But, do not worry, CIS Premius is Free with the same functionality as CIS Paid (except the support), so you can install it on your new Computer before you find an answer to your question.

If I were you, I would just install the free version (Premium) because it’s the same as the paid version (as SivaSuresh said) then you can evaluate it for the next 3 months. Once you have your new computer, you can then decide to buy the paid version which offers support and (I think) a $500 guarantee if they can’t clean your computer (if it gets infected).

You should use this guide when installing CIS.

and the link to the free version

thanks everyone, I installed the free version.