New computer, what to do first?

I’ve been on the old Win 98 computer a long time. Finally got someone to build a new Win XP computer for me. (Everyone said “Don’t get Vista!”) They put on AVG trial, which has now expired, and I deleted it. So I only go online on the old Win 98.

So – what is the first thing I need to do to protect the new computer? Do I download to the old 98 and put it on a CD to install on the new computer? Will it download to the old 98? (Old computer runs Norton.)
And I don’t have any children or employees to protect it from, just a daughter who needs to be able to do everything I do. Grandchildren and great grandchildren live far away. Grandchildren know lots more about computers than I do.
So, I guess I need both antivirus and firewall? I just don’t know where to start.
Install in Safe Mode?

Or do I need to go on the internet on the new XP and download there?

Oh, what to do??? in simple language please!

You can download Comodo Internet Security from your new XP computer. The link to download Comodo Internet Security download is provided below:

Click on the above given link to download and install Comodo Internet Security which has both Antivirus and Firewall to protect your computer

I guess it is fate that your first response would come from me,the least geeky of possible responders,but it seems to me you should be able to to use your Wins 98 machine to go to:

and download CIS.
From there,you should be able to to burn the resultant exe file
to CD,and transfer it to your new XP machine.
You can then transfer the CIS exe,to your new machine and run it.

Sooner or latter you will need to go to

To download the AVG removal tools,as I doubt your uninstall removed all of the bits and pieces of AVG,that could cause problems down the road.

that’s a start.wiser heads can take over from here.
good luck.

PS: I don’t know what if any third party firewall your new XP machine has,but CIS comes with the COmodo firewall,just about the best in the biz. Also,if I am not mistaken,and your new machine has only the Windows XP firewall installed,
Comodo will take care of disabling it for you,so you should be good to go.

In addition to what these smart patrons have offered, make sure you update update update! Check to confirm that you have all of your Windows XP/other software up to date (Adobe products like Flash and Reader, any browser you use, and so on) and enabled to receive auto-updates.

With new systems, I like to get them all nice and configured and up to date before I start putting on secondary software, games and messenger software, where then I create an image of it and store it off site in case something happens to the overall machine. In any case, you are well on the right path to setting up your new toy.

OK, I think I got it downloaded. It was very quick. Windows put up a notice though that it didn’t recognize it as safe. So here I am on my new computer.
Now I will have to find out how to tell if everything is updated properly. Hopefully the guy that built the thing would have had everything updated. He’s over 100 miles from here, but when I needed some extras, like an internet antenna, and a new keyboard, cause the first one had keys that didn’t work, he drove over and worked on it.

Thanks, everyone, for the helpful suggestions.

Hello Egad Elaine, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Just a few things to check:

Make sure Windows update is working.
Make sure you have scanned your PC for nasties
Unless you understand how to secure IE (if that is your browser) use firefox or opera.

Please feel free to post any queries you may have.

To check if Windows Update is working,click start+windows update.
It may take awhile,but the yellow triangle will show up in your system tray,letting you know other updates are ready for download.
Allow them to download.
You can then use the downloaded CIS to run a anti-virus scan to check for infection.
As far as securing IEExplorer,to me that means downloading SpywareBlaster.
To the Comodo Faithfull it may mean something else.
Since you have thrown in your lot with them,I would take their suggestions.
For what it is worth,as a heathen,I recommend dropping IeExplorer,for Firefox3.

There are a couple of programs which will scan your computer and let you know if you need to update anything(security patches, general updates etc)

One is Secunia PSI, check it out here About Secunia Research | Flexera

Comodo also offer one called Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer, info-> *This is still in Beta(testing) stage so unless you wan`t to try it i suggest you go with Secunia.