New Computer, gives me Error 109: ...Not able to extract

I’m setting up a brand-new HP desktop for the family right now, and I’m getting the error message in the subject when I attempt to install.

“Error 109: Not able to extract InCompatSw.ini”

This appears after I select the language to run the installer with. Have no idea what’s wrong.

I just took the computer out of the box and set it up. I’m on the net to get Comodo installed on the computer and I get the error 109

  • Running Windows 7
  • There is nothing intalled on the computer that I’m aware of. I didn’t even accept the Norton trial.
  • I set up the computer, connected to the net, and tried to download Comodo w/o sucess.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to COMODO forum.

Read following link please.

Right on! …Thanks,

Comodo is installed and were good to go.

Not at all.
COMODO rocks!