New Comodo User

Hi, I just recently installed Comodo Firewall along with Comodo Internet Security Essentials. I have a few questions about how the program works. I do have a decent understanding of computer technology, but I’m not too well versed on how Firewalls and HIPS works, and yes I have read the guides that have been posted on this site.

  1. Why is it that when I select to allow an application through my Firewall/HIPS that the program still gets blocked by HIPS or my Firewall yet I can still open it? For example, today I installed a driver detector (Just so that I could see what drivers were outdated), and I selected to treat the application as an allowed one, same with the firewall settings, but then I went to go check the unblock an application tab I noticed that the program had been blocked?

  2. I decided to block Explorer. exe from connecting to the internet, but when I went to go check the unblock application section, I noticed that HIPS had also blocked the application. Why did that occur and why didn’t I get a notification when it happened?

You need to look at the event logs for each component it was blocked by to see why it was blocked, also when you create rules or answer an alert, it doesn’t automatically get removed from the unblock applications section. You need to clean the unblock applications after making rules or answering alerts with remember my answer selected.