New Comodo user

A post was made in the forum that I consider “home” about your products. I hadn’t heard of Comodo before, but I followed the link, half expecting to find something like spyfalcon, lol.

I was pleasantly surprised at what I found, and decided to test the products. The Firewall was first, and it looks really good. Up til this time, the BEST personal firewall on the market was Tiny Firewall - which few people are willing to take the time to configure properly. So far, it appears that Comodo is the equal of Tiny, but MUCH easier to configure and use.

The anti-Virus was next - I’m running my first full system scan as I type. My first drive is almost done, and nothing found - yet. Avast is still installed, but disabled to avoid any conflicts.

I noticed right away that the memory footprint for Comodo is much larger than Avast. This is not a problem on my machines, each of which have a gig of memory. However, a lot of trashy marketers sell machines with 128 meg of memory, and I can see that Comodo would slow those machines drastically. The developers might want to address that issue. (IMHO, anyone who sells an XP machine with less than 512 meg of memory is a scammer.)

So far - I am favorably impressed. I will be looking at the other products and services. :wink: I will probably be helping to spread the word about Comodo, soon.

(edit) And, oh yeah. Unless the rules prohibit it, I’d like to invite people to take a look at It’s just people helping people - no porn, no malware, no schemes to take your money. Home sweet home. :slight_smile:

Hi Runaway1956. Welcome to the forum! (:CLP)

Glad to hear you are enjoying the firewall. I have seen others mention the memory usage as well. I have one of those trashy 128 mb ram machines and to be honest it didn’t slow it down at all. I did upgrade it to 256, wow :smiley: . I think certain machines perhaps it knocks down a bit harder, It seems like one of those <some it will, some it won’t >issues. I can tell you if there is a problem, the Comodo team usually has it fixed in no time. If you stick around in the forum, you will see what I mean. They listen to what users want, even the administrative team takes time to talk to everyone and learn what they want. Everyone is great on here and you are welcome to browse around and if you have any questions, ask away! :wink: