New Comodo user (newbie)

I need some help on configuring CPF, I’m also new to this firewall and alot of the firewall technology so please forgive me if my questions sound stupid.

O.k. first question… I went through the FAQ section and I also read about Understanding & Creating Network Rules but when I go to the Network Monitor of CPF I notice there are already a set of rules created.
Do I keep those rules and add the others from the FAQ section OR do I remove those rules and add the others from the FAQ section?

I have more questions but I want to take this one step at a time.

You mean these rules?

Well…remove all rules and just add the 4 rules from the above page.

I removed the rules and added the 4 through that video tutorial.

Next question.

The Application Control Rules/Destination IP.

Well I’m not sure about what to add from the choices of any/single IP/IP Range/IP Mask/Zone/Host name.

Is there a certain one to use or just a personal choice, right now I have it set at any.

I had to re install CPF last night.
Now I would like to know, if those rules in the Network Monitor are there for a reason by default why should I remove those rules to add the other 4 rules from the tutorial?
I’m just curious as to why the rules would be there in the first place if it is o.k. to remove them.


If you have installed the latest version, you should keep the default rules. You can add rules for better control or if any program has problems connecting to internet or so…
Don’t forget to “scan for known applications”, so you can reduce the popups a bit…
The video was for the earlier version, that didn’t have all rules from the beginning, and for teaching how you set up rules in general.

Thanks for the reply AOwl.

I knew from watching the tutorial that it was from an earlier version but should I still go ahead and add those rules from the video or are they somewhat similar to the rules already added to CPF?

No you don’t need those rules, with the new CPF. Just use it, and add new rules when you need to.
Hope you like CPF as much as i do. ;D