new Comodo install - cannot resolve websites, but can share on network

I have newly installed Comodo on an XP machine. I can see my router and other computers (through network magic) and get to shared folders, but I can’t access external websites. I’m using Firefox.

Any help greatly appreciated!

I am having the same problem :frowning:
I cannot go to any website, any DNS resolve simply fails. This even happens when I click ‘Allow All’ OR shutdown COMODO totally and it says ‘won’t protect your pc’.

Only way to get internet back is to uninstall the firewall.

Strangely DNS name resolution DOES work in the command prompt, both for ‘ping’ and ‘tracert’. Using Windows XP SP2 with a wireless adapter behind a router.

For example doesn’t work, but does and the page loads just fine :open_mouth:

COMODO (downloaded 4 days ago)

[edit]after reading some help files, etc. I added the wireless NIC to the trusted zone, but that didn’t help either :(. I am really disappointed what can I be doing wrong?

I was able to resolve and using the actual IP address. I can resolve yahoo home page, but not my mail page.

I have the same problem…

  1. doesn’t work, but does;
  2. Firefox, IE, or Opera have the same behaviour;
  3. Ping has the same result as browser;
  4. deactivating the Comodo firewall doesn’t go any better, only uninstalling it.
  5. I use a cable modem, but strangelly a friend of mine can get Comodo working on wireless to the same ISP I use

It´s a shame, (:SAD) because i read a report where Comodo was on the first place on a rank of security with others free and commercial firewalls .
(you can see it on

Is there any Comodo technician over here? :THNK pleaaaaaaase?

If neither changing CFP’s Security Level to Allow All nor shutting down the firewall completely enable you to connect, the problem is not with CFP.

Most likely (based on experience) the problem is due to the remains of your previous firewall, or a conflict with other security software occurring during the installation of CFP.

I suggest you visit your previous firewall’s site for tools to aid in the uninstallation/removal of leftover files. Then take these steps:

  1. Use SafeMode to uninstall CFP. Go to Start/All Programs/Comodo/Firewall/Uninstall to run the uninstall routine. Reboot, again into SafeMode.
  2. Use SafeMode to run the uninstallation/removal tool for your previous FW. If you cannot do this in SafeMode, do so in normal Windows, but with all security applications disabled/not running, and the computer disconnected from the internet.
  3. Reboot into SafeMode. Clean the registry. You may use a utility like ccleaner or regseeker (both free). Whatever method you use, please create a backup of all keys (or the entire registry) before deleting any keys.
  4. Reboot into SafeMode. Reinstall CFP.

The reason to use SafeMode is because it is the best way to make sure there are no conflicts with other applications or services; especially security-related.