new Comodo install blocking internet

I’m stumped. I have a fresh install of Win 7 Pro x32. I downloaded Comodo and installed it on the laptop and all seemed to go fine. After the reboot I attempted to hit the web and nada. After checking the connection and PC settings I see nothing wrong, I disable comodo firewall and boom, I CAN access the web. I go back and enable the firewall and set it to safe mode. I can still access the Web so I’m thinking problem fixed, just a glitch, but after 30 seconds or so the connection drops again.

I’m checking to make sure I have Firefox and IE added to the firewall rules, they are. Network zone settings are ok, I’ll check the firewall events, nothing, there are a lot of allowed events. I disable the firewall again and everything is fine again.

I remove Comodo and run CCleaner to clean up the PC, reboot, then reinstall Comodo. Same thing.

I have been running Comodo on my PC’s, friends PC’s for a couple of years now and never had any problems like this. I even created some “allow all” rules and moved them to the top of the list and still nothing and nothing in the event log.

What am I missing or is this a bug? I even put the firewall in training mode and still nothing, but once I disable the firewall everything is fine.

the is a fresh Windows 7 Pro install.

help please ;D

Never mind, found the fix. On every install I’ve always selected the “protect the ARP Cache” and “block gratuitous frames”. Had to leave the "protect the ARP cache unchecked.

Very very strange, this was the first time I’ve ever had to leave that option unchecked for the network to work.