New COMODO FW user, home LAN situation

Whenever I needed to access the other pcs on our home LAN my attempts were being rejected with a “Network control rule ID = 5”. A search here for that string showed it to be the default reason for all networking problems. A search for 198.168 wasn’t much help either. As such whenever I needed to access the other pcs I had to either Adjust Security to Allow All or shut COMODO down all together.

I eventually figured out that the rule ID = 5 referred to the Network Monitor’s Permission #5. In looking for ways to resolve this problem I looked at Add/Remove/Modify a Zone and Define a New Trusted Network neither of which seemed right for the problem.

I eventually chose to create a new Network Monitor Permission giving TCP/UDP In/Out permission to IP addresses in the Range and moved it above the default rule #5. This appears to have worked for my situation.

My question is why aren’t the 3 private network ranges either a standard part of the fw config or available as an easy to add option? ???


What you did was to manaully define a zone and then manually set that zone as trusted. You would have achieved the same effect by running the two wizards.

I’d like to congratulate you on the clarity and conciseness of your troubleshooting in identifying what was wrong and what could fix it. You were spot on! Well done.

Ewen :slight_smile: