New comodo Features in future..:)

Hello to the best security team in the business. I have a few ideas or questions. Hope this is the right spot to ask these for future implementation into the future releases. I would like to see possibly a site advisor but one that doesn’t slow down web browsing. Possibly a face-book, twitter news feed scan, and also something that’s scan better for PUP’S. When I install Paltalk, Malwarey-bytes also classifies pal-talk and its keys as PUP, not sure why. Your product is very light and is amazing and what to thank you for that. Looking forward to your reply and any info you already may have for the future release of the next comodo suite. Thank you kindly


H hitman. Could you post those as separate wishes please with details of what each might do (that CIS does not), and reasons why you think them an important addition. Remember as soon as anything tries to download and install CIS scans it, so CIS may have you covered already.

Comodo DNS (blacklist-based) warns of bad sites, and you can then scan using site inspector. I’m guessing real time thorough scanning of all sites navigated too will always slow you down, so maybe what CIS offers is a good compromise.

CIS 6 does distinguish PUPs from other programs - there is an AV setting for it.

Best wishes