New website... do u like it?


Yep, it looks really good. :-TU

Though I liked more the previous dotted logotype.

EDIT: The above image was meant to link the Comodo dotted logotype used in these forums. Too bad the logotype was recently changed there too :cry:

Cleaner, easier to access things and understandable. Remove BOClean though, that`s a bit confusing.


Yes. :slight_smile:

But, this link (to the eps version of the logotype) on this page does not work. :-\

I like it. Definitely like the new logo. :-TU

JoWa: that page seemed to work for me using FF.

Kail, can you download ???

I cannot (using Opera and IE), and when I could download it (not long ago), it contained the old Comodo logotype.

Looks nice. I wonder what ganda thinks about the girl on the main page. 88)

That one doesn’t work for me either (Firefox).

The new website looks a lot more cleaner and professional and its so much easier to navigate :slight_smile: only problem is I can’t find the link to the forums on it and why is Comodo Boclean on the products page when it is discontinued?

There is no space between the Solution Spotlight header and the menu box below it in Opera.
Needs fixed.

No sorry, I got a 404 on that. That’s why I only mentioned the banners page in my post. :slight_smile:

New website is looking good :-TU

Just a few comments:
I think I can recognize the glasses on “Products” page.

…but at “Home and Office”
… I think I am not interested in “Data Storage and Protection” …
… for some reason ;D


I like it :-TU

It’s very nice. At least there is one minor issue though, with my modest screen resolution 1024x768, the footer isn’t completely accessible due to the “authentic & secure” logo in the bottom right corner.

I’m personally building a website right now for my employer, I shall reveal it to you all when it’s ready. :slight_smile: (September I hope)

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I like it, the only problem is there is no link to the forums.

Yeah, and a little rant, why did we translate the page if you decided to ditch the translations and use a completely different design.

THANK you for taking my suggestion!!!

:ilovecomodo: :comodo110: :comodorocks:
Link to previous comment:;msg304940#msg304940

My take on it exactly also, clean & lean but where is the forums link?
Xman 8)

lol, are the links to download firewall and antivirus actually CIS? This is make new tech newbies very easy time on the site, but the site doesn’t feel right to me, and probably other long time users. I feel like shouting in German (even tho im chinese0 (I watch two much weirdly subbed Hitler videos on Youtube like his WoW account got canceled, windows update failed and such): Get straight to the point. Put up a link straightly to Comodo Internet Security, not Pro. Sorry. Btw, I will be making a post about subbed Hitler Videos.

sorry it took us 2 days to redesign the whole thing :wink:


Well, despite my last comment, I really appreciate your and Comodo’s efforts.

Our promise is to be there for you! Your security is our future!


OMG It looks great, VERY good job guys. :-TU :-TU :-TU


(after a bit more diging, I would say you guys should put with and call it CIS FREE).

Also the “Important Firewall Features” Lists the AV Features Not Firewall.

Also should BOclean still be there for download? It does not get updates anymore.