New Comodo Backup refuse installing after using CCleaner on previous verison

Ever since I’ve switched from ZoneAlarm Free to the Comodo Firewall, I have been impressed. And impressed. And impressed. Time and time again, Comodo manages to meet and execide what I hope was to be possible for free.

However, I have used Comodo Backup since (I believe was the edition) and loved it too. Seeing nothing wrong with updating myself, I deleted it off my system to install the newest version. However, every time I click the installer, it comes up with

You Seem to be have Comodo Backup installed using an older version of installer. Please go to “Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs” and please un-install Comodo Back up

The thing is… I don’t use that method. As a CCleaner fan, I used it to remove the program. And delete the registry keys.

If someone could drop me an e-mail at paul.davies0 [ at ] to help, that would be wonderful. I rarely use these forums, but I am aware of their existance. Thanks again.

What version of Comodo Backup do you use?
If it is an old version, you can fix this problem:
Create some.reg file that contains string
WARNING! Execution of this string will remove all jobs and settings stored with version
If there is no more need in jobs and settings of old version you can run this reg file from command line. And then install new version of Backup.

Currently, I use no version of Comodo backup, like I said above, I removed it. And all registy keys. When I did have it, I used
I also don’t understand what you are trying to get me to do.

I’ve just described you how to fix problem with installing new version of Backup, if you already have version installed in your system.

I already said. I’m still getting the error, and I don’t have it installed anymore.

How do you make a .reg file?

A reg file can be a text file that you can simply save (through Notepad or some text editor) the extension as .reg instead of .txt after the filename, but you’ll most likely also need an extra line at the very top inside the file. For example, all you need in this file are these 2 lines:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

If you save it to your desktop for ease of use, double-click on the icon to execute the .reg file.

Alternatively, you can go to Start > Run > type regedit > Ok and it’ll open the registry. Just browse to that registry key and delete Comodo Backup.

I think this is what Dmitriy means.

Thanks a million, Comodo Backup now is up and working (:CLP)


I close this thread as resolved.