new comodo and automaticallz adding safe applications


i have a small problem with new commodo.

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I recently installed newest version of free comodo firewall and i like defining my own rules about what programs can and cannot reach the network, but somehow comodo has added lots of applications to thrutworthy zone and keep adding them there even when all the firewall rules are set so that only user defines what should and should not reach the network. I have disabled defence plus (i only need firewall, not proactive security) and behavior is set to user defined rules.

But even if i delete all the rules that are there and restart my computer, after the restart all the rules automatically create again without asking for permission.

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Under Firewall Behavior Settings - General Settings, you need to ensure that the Firewall Security Level is set to “Custom Policy” and that both Create rules for safe applications and Do not show popup alerts options are disabled (see attached image). Then the firewall should behave as I believe you want it to.

You can find more details on these settings here.

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edit: Underlined “disabled” since image shows one option enabled.

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Thanks for advice, i have it set as you said from the beginning, though 80% of applications are automatically added to trusted list of applications and those applications are allowed to communicate.

I want comodo to ask me for EVERY app that’s trying to connect unless I (and only I) add it to the trusted applications list, but somehow it does not work and even if i clear the list, the apps automatically add up.

//edit: i removed the links, cause their no onger needed, i found the issue.

P.S.: I think it has something to do with trusted publishers list, but i’m not sure.

About 3 topics under this one i found topic about avast 7 and CPF and it got me thinking - could it be the reason for comodo to stop asking about all of that applications? It seems like it. I disabled avast web shield and commodo is now asking for everything. So nevermind, seems like i’m gonna replace avast.