I’d like to ask if there is an estimate date to show us a new CIS GUI, like the ones implemented on CSC 3 beta and CPM 1 beta, or if we’ll need to wait another year to see it.


I think it is about 5-6 months off.

that would take ( and it’s just an estimation of course ) less than forever with 2 months ,

let’s wait till the whole CIS is fully functioning i mean come on there are some functions don’t seem that they are gonna b implemented very soon, even though they are in the HELP file , take for example the AV , it doesn’t disinfect anything ? and of course that’s a weak point in curing the infection ? since so many viruts and worms use this method to patch any other .exe

the antivirus desinfect work,
paint.exe/explorer need to be shell injected.

oh really ,? can you provide us with the evidence because i tried several patching viruses like sality and mabezat and it didn’t disinfect the infected files it just deleted the whole file …

tell me what is the reason for disinfecting a virus from a file if in fact a virus is almost extinct from being infected into your system in the first place? personally I believe CIS has implemented so many features to make any infection almost “impossible” under normal usage.

but anyways, I am sure that is being looked into and being planned for implementation ASAP.

Let’s stay on topic. The topic at hand is the new GUI not CIS performance in malware removal.

well , it’s ture that CIS can prevent such infection, however, what about if I had a computer infected with such a nasty stuff , i wouldn’t use CIS in that case because it’s just gonna delete my whole system ? so disinfection is really important in that case , other than that , you are right

ok then , can you make us quite and tell us when r they willing to implement this feature oh sorry to activate it ;D

Make that a separate topic… Guess you could figure that one out yourself, wouldn’t you? :wink: