New CIS_ESM 3.13 has been released.

Hi guys.

I’d like to inform you we’ve just released new CIS_ESM version based on the up to date standalone CIS.

We recommend all of our users to upgrade CIS to latest version.

In other case your AV bases will not be up to dated.

File details: Size: 32M ( 33063936 ) MD5: 7ef3f43b6e6367b0de523ffea9170f11 SHA1: 8f58e4325e3d8e14158964151bed0a66071419fe Size: 35M ( 36083712 ) MD5: b5c22c68a40e643362ed6a5948eb0f70 SHA1: 8fd6f2cc543902084031681a14eadc600b1694fb

Also all the users who still use CESM 1.3 version and earlier must upgrade their CESM solutions too :

Best Regards,