New CIS 5.3 Themes coming...

Hey Guys

I thought it would be nice to share 4 new themes that are coming with CIS 5.3… yep, you don’t have to download them… they are coming with the new version.

Check them out.


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I like the black one… O0 :-TU
It’s so shiny, I like it, very professional!

5.3? :o

According to mods, thats the official name for 5.1

yep. it’s the official version number for the original 5.1


blue :-TU

They look very cool ;D Very good choice of Comodo to include some nice skins in 5.3 :-TU

So there is no beta?

I was hoping for this one:

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I’m sure that you will be able to create/edit the themes! like they did back in the good o’ days
(with assistance of a editor)


You missed out the window theme, which is my favourite :cry:

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Very nice :-TU
btw, I’m using Comodo Firewall version 5.0. Do I need to download newer version from Comodo website or I just need to click on Check for updates? Ths!

You may just click on “Check For Updates” in the :More: Tab

Hope that helped!



That’s sound good for today :wink:

Merry Christmas to all Comodo staff

Pretty cool themes.

Yes, mine too… 88)

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They are all quite nice, what about the icon? Thanks

So, the ETA of BETA is …!!! ? guys u do realize that you are torturing us :-[

I find the black cool. I would be cool if the white could be replaced with red where summary, AV, d+ and more is. I can’t show you what I mean because I draw very very very bad.

Valentin N

Black looks great but can you put Indigo theme in new Comodo? btw when is the release date of 5.1 version?

I think the gray and black are kind of blah. The blue one is nice though.