New Chromodo Version 48???

ALOHA Chromodo Browser Dudes

Today My Browser pushed out an update to Version

Please tell me this is a VALID update as it seems odd that it would jump from 45. whatever to 48

This major leap in versions along with COMODO D.N.S. Servers being incommunicado is making me a bit concerned based on recent “Negative Press” about
CHROMODO Browser insecurity ( Which I know was immediately fixed)
I’m hoping that some Hacked / BOGUS update wasn’t sent my way, as I have already installed it and stumbled down the “Information Super Highway” :P0l

So PLEASE can one of you BIG BRAIN Code Writer Dudes, Verify that " It’s all GOOD in the HOOD"

MAHALO Bruddahs
Murphy 13 8)

All Comodo browsers have their own updaters. Most of the updates appears like that before the changelogs and announcements :smiley:
Do not worry about it, you should be happy for the update :-TU

Aloha Murphy!
An announcement will be made soon, nothing to worry about :wink:

Hi SerkanB,

Please include the Chromium codebase number in the changelog on forum post.

Thank you.

version of Chromodo not work anymore for me so I need to downgrade or remove Chromodo as for Google Chrome.

This is a BUG relative to Chrome, I was unistalled Chrome and starting to using Chromodo because was not affected but now, with the version 48 I can see the same BUG.

All work fine except notification.
I AM using an open source live chat called Live Helper Chat ( ) and operator console is in the browser so I was using Chromodo.

Now whith the last update when i logged in my operator console (you can find a demo in the webiste of the chat) and I put myself online and minimize the window or window is in background with some windows in first position (over) notification are showed or not showed and sound are not reproduced.

I have set when there are new visitor on my website I see notification and is reproduced sound. Also for new chat will not be alerted with sound.
This sound to be like an issue in the live chat but is a browser issue as in the previous version of Chrome and Chromodo ex Chromodo this problem was not present.

I need to alert Google of this issue and also you who seems now are affected by the same Chrome issue.
Live helper topic here:

As you see is not an issue seen only by me but many people have the same issue.


MAHALO to all " Fellow Burners of the Midnight Oil" for puttin me back in the "Warm & Fuzzy " Zone :-TU
I’m not sure what time zone you Dudes are in but again “Preesh”

However Comma
One thing that I have noticied with this Nuevo Version is when I go to sites to conduct Financial Transactions that are normally HTTPS with the Green Lock Dealio
which would indicate the the info is transmitted in a secure manner.
Well now those sites Either show just Https: WITH NO GREEN LOCK Symbol in the address bar
Or A Https With an Orange Lock with some type of Geometric Triangle Thing-a Ma jing.

And since I have the type of Bank Account that a Rich Man would Laugh at if he hacked into it
ANd A Poor Man Would Cry at if he hacked into it

IT Causes me MUCH Concern

So Whats the Deal with That?

I have scanned my Computer For Viruses, Rootkits, and other " Evil Doer" type stuff with all results being NEGATORY
Then I went to those sites that checked for The Logjam Issue , many moons ago See Below

And it reported this

Partial Test Failure
Failed, probably due to firewall restrictions
We couldn’t detect any secure protocols. Many of our tests run on non-standard protocols; it’s possible that you are in an environment that limits outbound connections, thus breaking our tests. If possible, try this test in a different environment.

But the thing is, I don’t have any “SPECIAL” Firewall settings

So Again I ask WTFO

I will leave you now with a Riddle

What do you call a Person Who is an Insomniac, with Dyslexia & is also Agnostic ???

Answer: Someone who lies awake in bed at night wondering if there really is such a thing as DOG :smiley:

OK Well I’ll ■■■■ now and go have another Espresso or 3

Murphy13 8)

Next week when an update for Dragon browser will get released we will also get the release notes of Chromodo.

I am closing this topic about the release of Chromdo 48. Please continue the conversation in the official release topic: Chromodo 48 & Dragon 48 are now available for download.