New CAV Version - when?

Hi Guys
Can anyone tell all the faithful and eagerly waitng fans of Comodo AV when the new version is coming out.

Do you mean the one which will be final release if so this will be a few weeks to months / until sufficient virus definitions have been added to the database.

There will be regular updates to the program during this period to add functions and changes - if you would like any specific function you can add this to the CAV wishlist.


PS if you email Melih (CEO of Comodo) on the forums he should have a better idea of the actual time frame.

Patience, grasshopper.

It’d be nice if Comodo had a greatly accelerated upgrade cycle for the firewall and the antivirus but the reality is that they are a commercial company and they have other aspects of their business that require resources.

I think it’s fantastic that they are releasing and refining desktop security products of such high quality and potential as freeware, but we all need to be aware of the fact that these products are just one part of Comodo’s larger vision of IT security.

Give them time. I’m certain that they want to make sure their future releases meet and exceed users expectations. The fact that us users keep throwing really, really good suggestions for future releases which moves the goalposts can’t make the development of these products easy.

Have patience and keep the faith!

Ewen :slight_smile:

AV dept just informed me that they will do an interim release that has better resource usage and few bug fixes etc. (next few days) Signature update is happening constantly on daily basis.


Ewen is 100% right that we have to make sure to focus on incremental development and keep improving the product regularly without getting distracted by trying to cram too many features in one go. We will keep going until every product is the best in its sector;-)



Melih! I beg you! Dont make Cav, a digital frankstein with tons of features, and not enough signature for detections. IMHO a feature must be created only when the current features of the AVH arent able to stop a malware. No matter if the malware is stopped a second before the execution. What matters is that is stooped.

For example, the comodo on access scanner is so efective as the avast webshield, no matter that it block the malware in your computer and not in the server. The job to block is done, and it requires less resource and is less intrusive.

Norton is the biggest example of how throwing tons of functions (and forgetting the signatures that are vital) in software with no pourpouse can be a disaster, turning the AV a resource hog and far away from effective…

My two cents are KEEP IT SIMPLE!
Low resource usage (with only the necessary functions) + good malware detection database is enough to make a AV product be in the top…

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Melih. I couldn’t agree more with your priorities.

But after fixing the bugs and optimizing the overall performance of CAV and CPF I think that you should concentrate on adding multilanguage support (at least french, german, italian and spanish languages should be included initially because almost 90% of internet users speaks one of them). And of course others should follow too. I think that I speak at the name of all the members in the forum, when I say that we are willing to help ;D

I agree with Elminster. And the perfect example is nod32 (very light, extremely fast, and very reliable). 8)

I think comodo should be similar to avast by creating a scanner that has many different providers but instead of having providers jsut incorporate into 1 main on-access scanner and choose options in options menu.

But make an effecient and smart scanner like etrust which is not customizable but very intelligent technology which detects and fixes viruses easily.

NOD32 maybe going too far as im sure it has best defenitions, best resources, best scanner engine and options. NOD32 is definitely best av so far but if u incorporate their same features into cav and even lower resource usage and better defenitions ur sure to grab attention because its free too! Cant wait til the interim release next week cause i want to use it so bad but a BSOD is stopping me.

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under way :wink:


Great (V) !

If you need any help with portuguese translation you can count me in!

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Elminster: How much help? :slight_smile:

In the mean time, please keep an eye out on our (quiet for now) Portugues(e) forums here:



Hello Paulo! ;D

What you mean with “How much help?” ???

I already left a message on the forum you said… ;D

Do you work in Comodo?

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