New Browser: Flock Has Been Released


The Flock browser based on Mozilla Firefox has finaly been released, however just because it is based on Firefox doesn’t mean its not new, Flock has many new features and extras that Firefox doesn’t.

Thanks for the info justin.

D/loaded flock,it looks quite good but i cant seem to have all my favourites down the side like in opera. (:KWL)


No problem guys, what do you guys think of Flock compared to other browsers? What about compared to Mozilla Firefox (it is based on Firefox).


Having used it for a couple of days i think it is not bad but not quite as good as opera. (:WAV)

Thanks, what do you think about it compared to Firefox?

I will download it and try it out.
I have tried ves. 0.5 and 0.7 before, and it was nice. I had one problem with it, and it was that you couldn’t use the back button on Logitech mouses… >:(
I use it all the time, so i submitted a ticket, but they said it was a “minor” issue, and didn’t know when or IF they would fix it…? I will try the new version and see if they have fixed it…

It presented pages like Firefox, when i tried it before, so if you are making a website, you don’t need it if you have Firefox installed to check how it looks.

I think firefox beats flock,but i am not knocking it,it is not a bad browser.
I suppose its just what you get used to . (:KWL) (:WAV)

I would have to agree with that :wink:

I tried Flock as well & it is a fine browser. But, I’ll still keep using Firefox 2.0 RC2.

Has anyone tried the Acid 2 test with Flock?

The back button still didn’t work in Flock with my Logitech mouse…
Uninstalled it…
Good browser otherwise.