New blocking rule for utorrent suddenly appeared in firewall.

The last 2-3 days I had noticed that there was the orange icon in utorrent indicating that there is a problem with the network connection. As I was not actually downloading anything, I did not pay much attention. Sometimes when the torrents are inactive it may show orange but when it connects it becomes green immediately.

I have my ports open properly and I use Radaghast’s rules for comodo firewall, since many years now with no particular problems.

However yesterday because of some major update in windows 10 I thought to do a port checking, only to find out that something was blocking the utorrent port (all other ports I use for other p2p clients were working fine).

I noticed that within the application rules for utorrent and at the top there was mysteriously a block and log rule which I had never created. The rest of the rules were fine and as soon as I removed it everything was working again fine.

Now, I never created that rule and there is nobody else having access to my PC. Also I have not been infected with anything and I run regular scans with comodo, mbam and SAS and I have never got anything more than few tracking cookies which I clean also regularly.

Firewall says 10890 network intrusions but the log has been automatically deleted because it reached size limit and nothing appears under firewall events.

So, my question is how was this rule created? Does comodo create sometimes rules automatically in order to protect the PC? Otherwise it does not make any sense and it is really a mystery.

I have utorrent 2.2.1, comodo and windows 10 x64

I don’t know if all these things are related but today I tried to look at the logs and again it says that old log file reached size limit and was deleted (with today’s date). Maybe there was not one created since day before yesterday? However, although 2 defense+ intrusions are mentioned they are not listed in the events list.

Could there be a malfunction? What can I do?

Right-click in the logs and choose a longer period.

Thanks, I could do that. But why was it deleted after just 2 events? Its default can hold up to 20MB.