New BKAV Home Plus Free Edition Released

New BKAV Home Plus Free Edition.

Installed & running light.

6 Processes 50 MB.
Real time Protection - Automatically detects & disinfects malwares.
Proactive Protection - Prevents malware breaking out & stealing personal data.
USB Protection - Protect your PC from threat of USB malware.
Registry Protection - Notify about the accesses to the critical area of windows registry. Advanced Mode for Registry Protection too.
Firewall - Internet access control.
Behaviour Blocking - Behaviour based malware protection.
Selfdefense - Protect antivirus software from malware attacks.
Cloud Antivirus - Scan virus using Bkav cloud antivirus.
Many other features.
Register through GUI.


Tested with 25 zeroday malware from mdl, malwareblacklist, malc0de & cleanmx.

Very poor detection - 3/25

When it detected 1st one it asked me to get the code & provided a link from which I got the code & entered & it asked me to reboot. After reboot it mentioned temporary safe remove is activated & it cleaned the detected virus & further 2 virus. I dont know till when this temporary safe remove will be there. Its been 10 mins & the GUI still mentions temporary safe remove is activated.

I find it irritating & very poor detection. Worthless.

Rightclick scan of the same 25 malware with Comodo detected 22/25.

I uninstalled it.


so then how does that thing get such a good rating on VB?? It is supposed to be almost 100% but when I played with it, I got the same results you did. It was very poor.

I am too shocked to see them at the top in raptest. The detection rate is indeed very poor.


BKAV has a different edition maybe for home is worse than other edition.

But Where is the link ?

Here is the link

On installation you can install in english interface.


Thanks but if it doesn’t release on English site It still a little leak of Language barrier.

The international site is in Beta & its featured there.

The download link for the free version is not working currently.


Bkav’s forums are completely in Vietnamese. at least from what little i have looked at their site.

Hi all,

More details about Bkav products is here:

I am sorry Bkav Forum is only in Vietnamese this time. So kindly to discuss about Bkav in the above link :).