New Avast! version 4.8.1290 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the new version 4.8.1290 of avast! antivirus Home and Professional Editions, which contains a number of new features. The new version includes a malicious URL blocker and faster scanning and updating speeds. For more details please read the [url=]description here[/url].

Updated and working great. Can’t wait for Avast 5 :smiley:

Me too.

I hope avast! 5 will come out with a totally redesigned skin! I mean, one made by awil. I always “hated” the multimedia player look they gave to it… :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I sorta like it. (:SHY)

V.5 won’t be skinnable and it will have a new interface. the GUIs won’t be divided into the two sections they are now (the on access and the actual avast GUI)

Running it along Avira (:CLP) :■■■■

Thought about running 2 AV’s. I used to run several software firewalls when I used a dsl modem with dialup. Only few worked together without bugging the system. Same for spyware/malware.
So I figured why not AV? When I used had both an AVG and Outpost license Outpost decided to upgrade to a built-in AV which was horrible along with AVG, one CPU continuously was at 100% cuz of an Outpost viral itself thing).
So I asked & got my money back for that. NOD32 became a disappointment with a built-in and besides not good proxy.

Avira & Comodo AV?
I wonder, expect a bsod or a simple system stall. I can still make my Comodo IS package crash hard with the Properties Tab thing (see earlier post of mine). I’ll hold.

Since using Avira & Comodo, the cmdagent remaining not AV featured, I coinstalled Avast Free yet disabled it initially (startup regkey and services).

I made a fresh backup image and decided to let both Avast and Avira run together.
So far… like a charm.

Mind, necessary to go over all options of both programs.

Avast and Avira, well you should be in the danger zone then ???



I dig around alot on usenet, use Google’s RSS system, and do now and then get from some sites an infected file. Since using Avira & Comodo (& load of other tools)…it’s a danger zone for sure…

You can disable skins.