New Avast! Beta

I hope it fixes the incompatibility between Avast and Comodo.

Not just Comodo but Microsoft own firewall had issues with it.

I don’t think so Avast made it clear it’s not their problem. They won’t ever fix this issue between Comodo Firewall and Avast web-shield.

Hi Seany007,
… any specific link re: the matter? please

Not really. Being an Avast forum member as well that’s what I got. Their staff told it’s not Avast problem everyone point that it’s Comodo fault. Rubbish! How many issues Avast 7 had since it’s release? Avast just don’t want to take responsibility for it.

How do the Avast staff people react to the fact that also Windows Firewall is effected?

They need to fix it for comparability for the firewall but this bug would not cause a security hole because CIS would not allow a driver install like it did for avast. It is the driver that is causing this issue so they need to fix it especially seeing as it is an issue with windows firewall also. Now comodo might have fixed this in version 6 but that does not matter, they are still effecting the windows firewall and they need to stop that.

As far as I know they said to me last time it works fine with Avast 7.

And we all know that is false. A lie.
Personally I don’t believe in web shields as being any more effective at stopping a virus than a good scan regimen.

Indeed that just shows you that Avast going downhill… I agree…

Not a problem with avast! Internet Security and Windows firewall as far I could experiment…

With Avast firewall on or off?

Haven’t I read something like this before? …I remember.;msg604365#msg604365

As I said before, Avast employs Microsoft’s WFP API for the ‘Web Shield’ with Windows 7 & 8 but the older API (the one that CIS recognizes) with XP.

How many issues Avast 7 had since it’s release?” I don’t know.
More importantly in terms of “responsibility”, how many issues with Avast 7 remain unresolved? Again, I don’t know. I haven’t experienced any myself, but I suspect the answer might be, not many.

Put yourself in the CTO’s shoes. The benefit has to outweigh the cost.
Should MS go forward to make their own W7 firewall compatible with their own W7 API? (I’d say, yes.)
Sould Avast go backward to retain compatibility with Comodo’s firewall? Hmmm.

Nicely put Pete.

Regardless of whether a Web Shield thingy is effective or not, I believe the onus is not on Avast to compromise their application when they have built it for the largest degree of compatibility with the OS it is running on.

If anything, the onus is on Comodo to increase OS compatibility, which I have every confidence they will.

Ewen :slight_smile:

avast! firewall is compatible with Windows firewall.
Firewalls are not antivirus. Some of them could be used side by side.

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