New AV Tests [which aren`t so new]

Take a look. :wink:

Edit: Changed the title to better describe that these are actually not new AV tests but from the middle of last year!

Comodo is bad. Malware is old. Very, very bad.

I see rogue software on it…Cyberdefender and MAxsecure spyware detector for example. :-TD

You set the bar high. 88)

Set 1 - 9th out of 93
Set 2 - 2nd out of 93

Also, bear in mind this was purely detection (and did not follow a uniform methodology across all tested applications) and did not factor in prevention.

I’d call it a good result, actually.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Um…in both tests, Comodo scored 99%. Besides, it is best to not even have to use the AV, and have D+. So what is so bad about that, troll? (Sorry if you don’t think you are a troll…but just randomly saying Comodo is bad and malware is old is troll-like.)

A couple of things… the old malware is meant to be old and the tests are not new anyway.

This test is from July 2010. So it practically become obsolete and it does not mirror reality by now.

Regardless of it being old malware and old test, there will not be a decline in the detection of old malware even though newer versions have since been released.

Either way, well done Comodo.

99% is very good if you ask me.

Valentin N

Comodo CIS is good in this test.

Section 1: 500 samples test: Comodo CIS is in the top 10 list. Which is better than Norton or Avast.
Norton Power Eraser 93.6%
Norton 2011 beta 93%
Norton 2010 92.8%
Avast 97.2%

Section 2: 5,000 samples test: Comodo CIS list in the top 2.
Emsisoft Antimalware 99.72%
Comodo CIS 99.6%

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