new automatic update service

i was wondering if the dragon_updater.exe service is supposed to stay on automatic in services even after its disabled in dragons options?

if so then wouldnt it make more sense for it to disable the service if the option is disbled within dragon?


Hi wasgij6,
If auto updates is enabled, new updates will silently install.
If auto updates is disabled, Dragon still checks for updates but alerts the user that they are available instead of installing them silently and for this to happen the auto update service needs to be active.

Hope that helps explain why.

thanks for the explanation

i didnt know dragon checked for updates when dragon wasnt open

Sorry wasgij6 I see what you mean now, I didn’t realise you meant when Dragon is closed.

dragon_updater.exe does have outbound connections at boot.
I think it probably checks on boot but will not take action if any are found until such time as opening Dragon.
Can anyone confirm this please?

sorry i should have been more clear in my OP.

This is probably best suited for the wishlist but i think if this option is disabled, the service should also be disabled and dragon should only check for updates either when dragon is open or manually by the user.

I agree, auto updates for any program should be able to be completely disabled via the programs GUI.
Edit: Moved to wishlist for you wasgij6.