New Apps create their own Network Rules ???

How can I stop the new applications I install from instructing the firewall “Hey I’m a friendly app, follow my rules”.

I’ve turned off the Defence+ - I’m not interested in ANY add-ons, fancy gimmicks and advisory warnings about suspect sites. I just want a FIREWALL that obeys MY COMMANDS and does not decide for itself it knows best!

I have recently dumped Zone alarm for the same reasons, all of a sudden they changed how the advisory part of the firewall so it decides what can and cannot have access and you cannot turn it off! Well FU ZoneAlarm, The whole point of a firewall is, it gives the OWNER of the PC control over its connections to the net!

My Commodo setup is doing the same, but in this case Im sure its a setting so can someone advise please.

I just want the Firewall to ask ME if any new program intends to ask for a pathway to be opened from my PC. In or Out and I can decide if I want it to have it, this time or permanent.

thanks in advance, Im my sound a little curt but I’m loosing patience with these firewalls, if I didn’t know better I would say its a move to tackle piracy, mind if that is the case in my opinion its the people with all the money who we need to fear the most!.


Set the FW in custom policy mode and the Alerts Settings (in Firewall Behavior Settings) on very high. Delete the rules made automatically by the FW (application and global rules) which don’t suit you. You’ll be alerted for each connection.

Thanks Boris,

I suppose I’m used to running a tight ship where my PC is concerned and Win 7 leaks like a sieve! ZoneAlarm has this Trusted Application service in which it decides whats best for me, you are supposed to be able to turn it off but it doesn’t - how cool is that!
go to the forum and you get stonewalled if your raise it, how double cool is that!.

I, and other paranoid PC heads rely on our Firewalls integrity at all levels of business and in my personal opinion the Corporations with the most money seem to me to be the ones we should fear the most.

I’ve noticed a worrying change in trends of late and most of it for the worst.

Firewalls in general are introducing these ‘Trusted Applications’ systems where Apps are permitted access by default. I cannot and will not for a second believe an entity who’s sole reason for existence is to profit can be trusted for a second.

anyhow, thats my two cents . . .

If you don’t believe me then listen to the words of Rupert Murdoch, “Privacy is dead, get over it!”

Can’t say much about other software firewalls but with Comodo you can set the firewall to custom policy mode (like Boris said) and you can make all the decisions yourself.

Agreed. Most security cies trry to sell their software to the larger number and rely on allow all if application considered trusted by the soft so as even newbies can buy it and not bothered about configuration. And sadly it has a price ie reduced security.
Happily with CIS you can still have complete control on what you allow or not by pushing the setup at the highest.