New application generates "Windows Scan..."

Just ditched Zone Alarm for Comodo and I’m constantly getting the attached pop-up screens.

What “Scan” is this? Why does it ask for me to load a “Scan CD”?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have no clue, never seen anything like that from comodo before.

Uhmm this is new error, did you install CIS from a CD?

What did you try to do before this popup showed up?

I downloaded the s/w from Comodo site…

Since I just installed Comodo it seems to invoke these pop-ups when I try to run programs that the Firewall has not seen before.

This is not a CIS popup. Check to ensure there is nothing else running that shouldn’t be.
Check your startup applications and services to see if something was not removed/disabled that should have been (something called ‘Scan’).