New Antivirus :-) : Sunbelt VIPRE

A new antivirus from Sunbelt an owner of Kerio Firewall and a creator of Sunbelt Antispyware (CounterSpy). Both products recieved quite a lot of awards :slight_smile:

Give it a try if you’re in search of an antivirus program :slight_smile:

Seems to have a nice, shiny GUI. :slight_smile:


I will pass till AV Comparitives tests it. Keeping my Avria AntiVir.

Considering the way Sunbelt pissed away their Kerio firewall investment, I think I’ll pass. Using Avast! 4.8 beta with antivirus, antispyware, antirootkit, and free. :slight_smile:

It’ll take something very special to prise AntiVir off my system (:WIN)

I edited the title to show the name, rather than keep it too general so that spammers may exploit this thread otherwise ;D.

LOL Soy… (CLY)

Soya you forgot the blowtorch otherwise a good try. :Beer

hmmm 88)

hey, i think this thread’s missing 1 important info, IS THIS NEW AV FREE ?

Having looked at the site from what I can gather,if you have a year’s licence for the current product ($49.95),then it’ll be free to upgrade to the new one.I’m not sure if that’s the price for new users too.It’ll be interesting to see if this performs as well as its impressive sounding name:
VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine)

$49.95 :o that is impressive
no thx.

Thread locked as we have another one here