New Antivirus from Lavasoft !

Has anyone tried this ? 88) I read that it’s based on Avira’s technology :slight_smile:

Blah… ;D It’s based on Avira’s technology? Get Avira then! (:TNG)

I wonder how many files it has sigs for. :THNK


Can we close this thread… REASON …“Lack of interest” LOL

Nuff Said (:KWL)


Lavasoft AV is a Avira Clone…

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Has anyone looked at Lavasofts product page? It has about 10 items that are required to pay for individualy 88)

And if you look at them, COMODO has something just like each for free (or in BETA).


Yeah… It’s quite disgusting actually about how much they’re ripping off paid customers.

LOL what a joke…

Nice idea, but they will probably changed some stuff :slight_smile:

  • using more recources
  • detecting less
  • demanding more payment
  • giving even more FP’s

Oh yeah, this is really a keeper :slight_smile:


I think every vendor (well, at least most 88)) deserves respect for any attempt of making an AV - but let’s face it - the competition is devastating. They do have some kind of reputation thanks to Ad-Aware, but is it a good reputation? Once it was, I guess, but today I’m not so sure.


Ad-Aware used to be pretty good, but newer and better apps came out and Lavasoft just didn’t keep up with it.

That’s what I’ve heard as well, yet it’s still recommended by magazines (e.g. one of the largest PC magazines in Sweden, and it’s for novice users). :-\


Similar to this thread. They recently recommended Ad-Aware too. I even PMed the author of the post and asked if it was marketing or such. He said it had nothing to do with marketing, but instead, that they weren’t even aware that anything else existed.

Lots of better choices nowadays. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know if Lavasoft are using Avira Free or Avira Premium but I just hope Avira made some good $$ of this deal.